Today is Tuesday, so here is the Tuesday thread

cat walks across keyboard


Morning. I am meeting someone at 9:30 but to get a space in the car park I need to be here for 8:30. So I’m sitting in a car park for an hour.


Oh right like I’m the only square! To be fair I said that without broader context, but I’ve had to do it a few times during the last few months and it’s never been pleasant so idk why I’m recommending it!

Morning everyone, about to do the school run and dog walk, which is nice and peaceful. Bon voyage all o you

what a dweeb

What? I can’t hear without my glasses

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This feels like it should be in warny’s I’m An Office Worker book


So much cba. So very much.

Going to go back to sleep, night DiS :wave:

It’s a good option, hope yoi feel better aftee!

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In bed. There’s the promise of bagels with salted caramel spread and a cup of tea were I to get up but… I like bed.

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I raced through a jar of this. It wasn’t even that nice an accompaniment with my porridge

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Ive got the bon maman stuff :yum:

Could you just switch your computer off and pretend it was an update?


Had a rather sexy dream about 2 DiSsers last night! Phew!

Morning all!

I started the working day with an odd nostalgic desire to hear JC by Sonic Youth, so I listened to that and am now listening to Goo before my class starts.

I’ve got to do an hour talking to some engineers about presentation skills and then this afternoon I’m trying to teach some poetry to my English class. I currently have something like 45 pieces of work in the online submission box for me to mark.

We’re having sausagey potatoes for tea so that’s good. I just need to go to the shop at lunchtime for vegetables.



Just ordered a Starbucks on ubereats. Gonna have a Frappuccino in bed. Feel like I’m in The Devil Wears Prada.


Ffs kermo


My mum’s car got clamped cause of a 4 year old parking charge I tried to appeal at the time and even pay for but nobodyansswered and I’ve just had to pay 500 to release it, absolutely gutted

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:grin: sorryyyyy!

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Got up early for a conference call that… didn’t happen

Wanna go back to bed so bad D:

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