Today’s evening thread

Post here please

hi @Matt_was_taken and everyone

i’ve had a cold for a couple of days so cancelled my late shift tonight. have other things i should be doing but am just feeling pretty tired and cba :woman_shrugging:


Hi Matt,

Have to pack up my room but I have no real idea where to start :upside_down_face: Still need to figure out how I’m moving all my stuff as well

This week is breaking me so I’m going to try be in bed early tonight to chow down on some lovely TV, reading and music.

Spag bol and garlic bread for dinner, because I’m that bitch


Packed and ready to go to Green Man. Got some of the new Tesco wanker beers in. Having a @ChorizoPasta classic for tea, Kiev, chips and peas. No baby tonight, so gonna go crazy!


An evening of GLOW awaits.

Had a surprisingly good afternoon after a crappy morning, so I’m expecting a spectacular evening.

I mean, aside from the fact that my landlord has emailed again threatening to go to the police about our supposed noise. :roll_eyes:

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Quiche and salad for dinner, because I mistakenly assumed it was summer when I ordered the shopping. Never mind, eh.

Not much else in the way of updates. Might have some of the nice beer I brought back from Cornwall to make up for the boring midweek.

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need to get crisps to smother my depression

Evening Matt.

Hotel gym, dinner with colleague, second half of Liverpool v Chelsea, finish writing a report.


What you going for? We’ve got tyrells cheese and onion.

After curry obvs. Ocado/waitrose meal deal.

Absolutely no idea.

Just had a bath. Ought to make some dinner, I suppose, maybe a beef hash and pasta, then just Prime and bed

I’m not really sure, whatever is on offer at the coop I guess…maybe just some mccoys and stuff my face with the whole multipack

I’ve got macaroni cheese for dinner but did I buy a baggy ette to go with it? No silly tilty did not.

Stressing so much about being burgled. After those 3 lads videod the flats the other night then threatened me I’ve had late night door buzzing where the bells been rung and then the person doing it had hidden and I guess watches who comes to the door, if anyone. I’ve asked others and its happened to most of the ground floor flats…but only us single people. Reckon they’re figuring out easy targets. Police were meant to come today but didn’t bother.

there is a dvd that I have been trying to find for awhile, scoured the internet but couldn’t find it, then a few started cropping up for £40, but I thought that was a bit much and indicated they do crop up so i’ll just keep an eye out, checked again recently and it was £600 on eBay, then got an email from eBay saying there had been a price reduction of £580, so I got it for £20, pretty pleased with that


Good evening and fucksake,

I am absolutely hopeless with maps. Can’t believe I survived living in London for a year on my own. Supposed to be meeting a friend for dinner and I’ve got lost, luckily I’m early anyway. Gone in to a pub to recalibrate. Wasn’t planning to drink but my anxiety was ramping up so treated myself to 175ml of wine. Might have a cocktail at the restaurant now too, fuck it.
There’s a couple taking up a table for four. I asked if I could sit a minute but they haven’t taken their bag off the spare chair so I’m standing up like an absolute plum with my £6 tiny wine.
I really need to do this more often so I get less hopeless at it.
£25 for a ticket in to London on my own though!! And next week I’m staying over so that will be even more ££££

I am a pathetic plum. OH! And also I didn’t realise how bright my boots and dress were until I left the house so I look like a clown too :upside_down_face:

Hope everyone has a lovely evening.


imagining bright red oversize boots and a polka dot dress now.

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Guys what the bloody hell I thought aid worked it out but I’ve worked completely the opposite way and not even in a straight line.

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                                                                 good evening all i'm about to eat spaghetti and meat*balls and play zelda, that's about my whole evening

On my way to my hotel. Its above a big Sainsburys. Glam.

Gonna get a five guys and something from Sainsbury’s for a pudding. Expenses :partying_face:

Might go watch Spider-Man again, cos the hotel is also opposite a Cineworld. Think I’ve either seen everything out i want to see or I’ve vague plans to see it with the girlfriend.

Hope you’re feeling better man. Best to take it easy until your :100: innit

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