Today’s New Releases 10th February 2017


Starting today with ‘Memories Are Now’ by Jesca Hoop, so far so good.

What else is out today that I should be checking out?


New Tinariwen record out today I think, bound to be groovy


Also if you want fun upbeat Friday rock these have got you covered


are we all excited for the album by The Rag And Bone Man


That Jesca Hoop album is the dog’s bllcks, IMHO. I’ll be trying the Thievery Corp thingy too, notwithstanding the poor reviews out there …


Yes. Listening to it now.


got to agree, really getting into the Jesca Hoop album after a couple spins this morning, she was on Lauren Laverne yesterday, lovely stuff


The Necks’ Unfold is great. They’re already working on the next album too.


JAG but my band Waking Aida released a new single today

It’s dreamy post-rock electronica and was produced by Matt Calvert from Three Trapped Tigers.

I hope you like, I’ve been a recluse Diser for a decade.



Really loving the Jesca Hoop record, apart from the computer says no bit :fearful:


Saw this thread earlier but completely forgot about the new Noveller:

Ambient/guitar/drone/experimental stuff. Many lovely sounds.


Jesca Hoop for sure - really great on first few listens.

If you’re into hip hop beats a new EP by Drae da Skimask I’m really enjoying.


I’ve heard it through once. Good stuff. I’ve got a ticket for their Shacklewell Arms gig in a few weeks. I’ve meaning to see them for a while but work/gig clashes have gone against me before.