Today’s New Releases 17th February 2017


A lot of cool releases today I will be checking out. New Ryan Adams of course, as well as new records from Jens Lekman, Son Volt, Strand of Oaks, Sun Kill Moon and the solo debut from the Ought singer Tim Darcy.

Think the Lowly record is out today too, been reading a lot of good stuff about it (dream pop?)


only three songs in but enjoying the Tim Darcy album already. New Sun Kill Moon is 2hr 9mins! Thats a lot of Kozelek in one go!


oops can this be moved to the music board?


Music’d it up for you.


Grails - Chalice Hymnal and Lawrence English - Cruel Optimism both out today too. Both rather fine.


Priests album is pretty great


new Grails is pretty good, but sounds a bit fragmented. Not entirely sure I like their Lilacs & Champagne sideproject bleeding over into Grails proper.

new Novella is good:


That album is brilliant. Went under the radar for many people last month. I think I made it my second choice in the AOTM thread.


I was listening to this on my headphones just now. Sounds promising. I’ve got a ticket for their Shacklewell Arms gig on Friday. Just to confuse things the Noveller album is definitely worth checking out too.


I was thinking that too. came out within a week of each other. Noveller one’s probably her best.

I didn’t care too much for the last Novella album, but this one worked better for me for some reason.


I gave it a listen purely because of the album of the month thread. Really enjoying how varied it is - particularly like funk inflicted closer ‘Suck’!


Physical release was yesterday so it will be eligible this month


Hadn’t realised the Tim Darcy album was out. Will definitely be checking it out. Always be doing with more Ought in my life


New Strand of Oaks album is ace!


Deep Throat Choir’s album is pretty lovely. Basically like their live sets but enjoyable, no gimmicks just their voices and a drum kit.

Need to catch up with a lot of stuff in this thread. Grails first