Today’s New Releases 24th February 2017

Today has mostly been spent listening to the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah record, some tracks yet to click but think this could be their strongest since their debut, will reserve judgement until after further listens. Also going to be listening to Peter Silberman(The Antlers) tonight. What else is getting folks attention today…

How’s the new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez?

How many’s he released today?

Just today? Seven.

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Cracking day today.

Los Campesinos - Sick Scenes

Xiu Xiu - Forget

King Woman - Created in the Image of Suffering
Much heavier and doomier than those other two!

Stormzy is great on first spin. Will dig into Peter Silberman later.


Pissed Jeans and King Gizzard albums both kicking ass, naturally

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is pissed jeans out, or is it just that npr stream or whatever?

yeah pissed jeans out today, never heard them myself, what are they like?

basically a jesus lizard ripoff. scuzzy punk rock

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Hi DiSers,
Not sure of the etiquette but I released my first song today

If you like Four Tet or Bonobo you may enjoy it.

This is me looking pensive and cold in Crystal Palace, because, you know… electronic music.

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Gave it a brief listen to this morning, they’ve added a few new elements to their sound which were quite promising…

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I enjoyed that. Clicked mainly to rep South East London, but stayed for the groove.

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I turned it off after 4 songs. Feel like they ran out of ideas a few albums ago. What new elements???

What about all the synths on the opener? Or the spoken word track with Lindsay Hunter?

I mean theres a tiny bit of synth but its a pretty typical plodding track for them? Didnt get as far as the latter, will try and finish it at some point, just not sure i like em anymore.

Hmm the synths stood out for me but I get what you mean, its not like they’ve reinvented their sound much. I’m guessing you weren’t really a fan of the singles then either?

Aye. Sorta lost interest with honeys tbh, thought it was quite weak. Still think Hope For Men is an incredible record but not sure theyre the kind of band that can sustain 5 albums…

Persefone - Aathma

Awesome progressive death metal

Hope For Men was always going to be a tough benchmark to beat but yeah I also played Honeys to death soooo shrugs shoulders

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