Today’s New Releases 24th February 2017

In addition to Xiu Xiu above there’s a new Oddisee album ‘The Iceberg’ out.

Perhaps one for the hip hop thread but one of the most consistent and underrated rapper/producers out there I’d say.

I bought Los Campesinos, Peter Silberman, Dirty Projectors and Sun kil Moon today.

Got home an hour ago and my first listen was Los Campesinos.

It’s so damn good. Will these guys ever go up a level in popularity? They get better with every album!!

Really liking the Peter Silberman record, obviously simolar to his stuff with the antlers but also getting a Jeff Buckley vibe, especially on Karuna. Gorgeous stuff

On first listen this is falling somewhere between Hope for Men and King of Jeans/Honey in terms of sound and Matt’s vocals for me.

No sure it’s going to be played to death like the last two but like what I’ve heard so far, The Bar is Low fits better as part of the album rather than as a single (still can’t shake of those Hives vibes) and I’m a Man is outstanding, It’s Your Knees another stand out, just need to let the others bed in.

Just hope they tour it with a few dates outside of the usual Leeds/London thing they’ve been doing recently (I appreciate PJ not being a full time thing doesn’t help). Might just have to come down to London again otherwise and nobody wants that.

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Just listened to this again now. Totally agree that I’m a Man is a clear stand out. I wonder how much influence / input Lydia Lunch had when it came to creating this track…

The Bar is Low is definitely the most accessible thing they’ve ever done but I find it weirdly infectious. It doesn’t sound out of place in context of the album though.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for any live dates too but there’s been nothing announced yet. I’ve only seen them once but they completely blew me away. Have you seen them before?

Just the once, need to do that again.

Sadly there’s only two US dates listed in March and nothing beyond that…

Love Without Emotion is doing it for me most just now. The whole thing is just so nasty! It’s awesome

Haha, its pretty much been the only album that I’ve listened to this week. Had it on two or three times a day!

Need to figure out my other two favourites of the month now…

new Feelies album came out on feb 24th but has only just popped up on spotify
grinning my face off from the first chord, such a lovely band