Today’s New Releases 24th March 2017

Yeah, listening now and it’s unlikely to get a second play from me. Always Sad is a decent single but this is very much JAMC by numbers…and the cover is bloody awful.

Once I’ve finished with that it’ll be on to Soulwax, Boss Hog (first album in ages!), Hannah Lou Clark, Johnny Flynn and Kelly Lee Owens. Lots out today :smiley:

Bug/Earth isn’t drawing me in. Feels like they’ve both gone for the lowest common denominator in terms of blending their styles rather than challenging each other to adapt.

New Raekwon is good fun. Not dissected the lyrical content but even when he’s talking shit I love how he flows.

Giving Teengirl Fantasy a spin (Planet Mu) - enjoying it a lot more than Nathan Fake’s recent offering.

Forgot to say in my post that I listened to the first track of that You’ll Never Get To Heaven release, I’ll definitely give it a proper listen later today!

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Thought as much. Worth a go though?

Agree The Bug/Earth album isn’t immediately appealing. Good shout with Teengirl Fantasy- will give that a spin.

I thought it was obvious that The Bug had much more influence on the album than Earth, but I still found it pretty good.

yeah, mostly.

Yeah, if I were going to accuse one of phoning it in more than the other, I would accuse Earth.

There’s a new sleepmakeswaves album out although possibly only officially in Australia and on Bandcamp at the moment.

You should. Beyond the Clouds seems to be the highlight although I’m only one listen in.

Tried to download it, but the Bandcamp app is telling me ‘Digitial Album not available for purchase on this device’ - this is on an iPhone. Do you ever get this? Not sure why it won’t let me give them money? :confused:

new Anjou is one of the best ambient albums of the year:

2/3 of Labradford

Ahh shit I’m on android and buy stuff through the app. Hopefully it’s on the apple app shop

Wayyy behind with this months new releases, let alone this weeks releases :neutral_face:

22 - You Are Creating: Limb 1
Tuxedo - Tuxedo II
Moonloop - Devocean
Steve Hackett - The Night Siren

Kelly Lee Owens’ album is pretty brilliant. Another listen today I think.

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100% agreed. Much enjoyed this over the w/end.

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Liking the Kelly Lee Owens album. Kind of easy listening tech house but it works and it’s good to work to.


Good shout. Excellent album for writing crappy reports to!

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You c/should also try the Karima Walker album, Hands in our Name. Pretty sweet …

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Enjoying this as well, thank you.