Today’s priorities


What are your current priorities for the day ahead?

Don’t hold back on dull detail.

1.Not murder someone I’ve got a meeting with in a minute
2.Put a wash on
3.Go to richer sounds to look at sound bars


Strong trio. Good luck with the non homicide

Take kids to eye test
Get R a hair cut

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Try and sort out my back. Threw it out changing a bin bag, so yeah, exciting


Back related woe and chat seems to dominate my late 30s tbh. Bad bunch o spines

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  1. Keep on truckin’
  2. Carpe diem
  3. Remember to pick up that self-raising flour for my damn niece-in-law
  4. Pensiveness
  5. There’s a piece in there somewhere around sustenance I think
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  1. Not send a grumpy, sarcastic email to a client who has had the gall to say that we are “too slow” when it’s literally their lack of responses that are holding us back (already failed :negative_squared_cross_mark:)
  2. Finish a bit of work for a client who is absolutely taking the piss and making a mug of me wrt scope of work vs what they were quoted
  3. Put together a Rocky-style training program for some trainees who want to sit some professional exams far too soon
  4. Bite the bullet and start playing games as a core rather than a support in electric wizards because I’m sick of being so dependent on others’ competence
  5. Obi-Wan

• Finish and invoice two of the three jobs I’ll be working on today
• Buy train tickets
• Drag myself out for a run
• Take the bin out
• Clothes wash
• Finish filling some holes in the wall in the nursery

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The brand new cheaper Sonos one got a five star review in the Guardian yesterday

Finish packing up mail orders
Get bright beer orders ready
Clean lines
Restock shop
End of month reports
Other work stuff

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My first goal for today was to not get out of bed until after 9, which I have achieved (unless you count going to make some tea, which I don’t)

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I do, so this is tricky

Might have a look for some trainers at lunch I suppose

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Specific brand or just in general?

Thinking of getting new Onitsuka’s

I always default to Adidas despite the fact that they are usually too narrow for my feet and also I only like their flat sole ones which are giving me, your friend and mine, a bad back

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I was a pure Adi guy until I tried tigers

If you like thin sole shoes, you’ll love them

  1. Get my test stuff to Julian
  2. Create test data for Julian
  3. Decide if I cba to attend meetings I don’t need to be in
  4. Go to job 2
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I was going to buy it next week but It got a 3 star on what hifi

I’m going to see if they’ve got a JBL 5 in stock to see what it looks like

Try to get this deck finished in the garden