Today's Apple Announcement


What do you think they will announce?

Speculation suggests iPhone 7 is very likely, and that it’ll have no headphone socket?! (Probably wants the world to go bluetooth…)

Hoping they finally have a little projector in the iPhone. Seems long overdue that we can’t all do what R2D2.

There are changes coming to Apple Music too, which I’m curious to see. Hoping that all the Bjork VR videos will be available. I hear they’re merging Connect with New section, which makes sense.

What else?


Let’s keep this off the boards sean


that they’ve bought tidal


Not got any in at the moment. Couple of bananas and a can of tinned peaches are the entirety of my fruit collection.


the resurrection of steve jobs


A phone that’ll only play music if you buy proprietary apple (or beats) ears and hand over all traditional devices to Steve Job’s i-Tomb as a sacrifice


Better be something good, I’m due an upgrade


predictions, from rumours…

it’ll not be called the iPhone 7.
it’s going to look almost identical to the current iPhone 6S model.
it’ll lose the headphone port, which is a fucking terrible idea, and will mean my family will stop using apple products.
the camera and stuff will be barely changed.

no one uses apple music.


They hit 15million subscribers in June.



sean you might be the only person i “know” that uses it to be honest. is it seriously any good? like Google Play Music / Spotify any good?


I use apple music, it integrates with my car when spotify doesn’t


Apple Music was pretty good this year.

  • Frank Ocean
  • Drake
  • Dre
  • Lemonade
  • etc.


is that through Car Play?


Nah theirs an iphone connector and it lets you access the music app through the dash display and change the music. Spotify only works through bluetooth so i have to use the actual phone to change albums if i use that


*Hand Hook Car Hook Hand Play Hook


Sounds terrible. Hope you’re ok.


I guess the headphone socket limits thinness (unless they go to a smaller jack, which would still be problematic) and involves giving up precious internal space.

Bluetooth is … ok… but pairing issues can be a real pain at times.


Here’s Stereogum pondering the end of the headphone socket


Can’t believe you’re encouraging me to use my phone while driving on the first day on here. YOU MONSTER


the plan is to use an adapater for the headphones through the lightning port at the bottom, and they’ll either include bluetooth phones in the box or lightning port earphones. either way, 3 issues;

1 - the in-box phones are always shite
2 - the adapter will be £££ separate (just like the 30-pin to lightning adapter)
3 - what do you do when you want to listen to music AND charge your phone?