Today's charity shop purchase



Doesn’t have to be music-related obviously.


nice find, man. are you familar with Kickin’ Child?


stop autoclosing threads ccb!


I’ve got the album on Norton Records. Seriously, I’d buy everything on that label if I had the money and the space.


I’m a bit dim. What does “autoclosing threads” and “ccb” mean?




It wasn’t me!

I think I know who @DirtyPJ is though



Did you also see me post this on my Facebook?




That should fix it.

This painting was the last thing I bought from a charity shop. You wouldn’t believe the amount of dirt that came off when I cleaned it with some alcohol and cotton wool.


18 CDs of classical music, plus CDs of All Killer No Filler and Significant Other

and a halloween jumper

good times all round


Bought a pretty good quality jumper that was originally from Topman the other day. It’s very cosy.


Wonder what I might find today…


Today’s £1 charity shop purchase.


every time i visit home my mum buys me at least 1 shirt from a charity shop
cupboards are heaving with them now

quid each these


not sure what it is but at 30p you can’t go wrong


I’m not sure what it is either but I like it.