Today's charity shop purchase


just been to a shop
scarf, book and cd rack 2 euros in total


Autumn/Winter 2017 Threads Thread

It’s getting colder so just the right time for buying jumpers. This was £5.50 and looks as new. :grin:



Voodoo Woman by Bobby Goldsboro (United Artists)


Also from the Book & Record Oxfam near the British Museum.


Local chazzer does three CDs for a pound - smashed it yesterday. Some quality tunes for a princely two quid :+1:


Popped into the Oxfam at lunch time and picked up this seven inch vinyl for 99 pence.


Chazzer still doing three for a quid :+1:


I thought this thread had been deleted due to no one posting.


That Dutch Uncles album is so good


It was literally in my mind as I was purchasing them :+1:


My trip to the thrift last Sunday resulted in one theses…

Now it does have a players name on it who has moved to a different team but you know not bad.

and I picked up a top for a Halloween costume and it had $5 in the pocket !


Can we use this for second hand shop purchases too?

I had to buy some warm clothes to get home in and found an orange Gant down (I know) gilet, a white Salomon ski jacket, a brand new Odlo merino base layer, and a Lowe Alpine black jacket with a cool Norwegian air ambulance patch on the arm but I lost that when it fell off the back of my bike.

All in all I think I spent €20 which I was quite happy with


Might be of interest to MME members. This is a 1975 guide to pubs in Manchester and Salford. It’s bloody brilliant. Just a bunch of uni mates from what i gather, few photographs, maps by area. There’s a bit at the back with a few recommended crawls, lists of which pubs have pets and games, etc, bit about local breweries.

Lots of them remain. A couple of times i’ve had a walk into town with it and tried to spot the ones that have gone. Quite nice. They pop up on Ebay occasionally for £10-£15, but i got this copy from a chazzer for £3.


Dropped off today and of course had to do a spot of picking up at the same time - Senser 12 inch and a recent-ish Errors CD. £1.49 well spent :+1: