Todays Evening Thread


Just started Feel Good, drinking a NA IPA.

Gonna get a takeaway, got a code.

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Watching Bluey with M. It’s so cute.

Plans? Well, I really want to do some exercise but my knee is still bad plus I did have a lovely walk this morning, a quick 10 miles to start the day (and saw some great dogs and smiled at them all).

In which case, probably just going to go to bed early or plan to do that but stay up late texting Thursday content


Done a few jobs around the house today and confirmed a day and time for my job interview on Monday so that’s nice. Got a load of stuff from Sainsbury’s summer range in the last shop so tonight it’s chicken & chorizo kebabs, cheesy jalapeno pastries and chips for tea. Might have a beer, might not.


Doing much prep for the interview? I hate them, hopefully you don’t!

Knackered. Hoping to get to yoga for 7 but it seems unlikely given that I have just put the dinner in the oven.

Might just nap instead.

No not really, I’ve had one there before for a position I was vastly unqualified for and I already know a fair bit about the company through my current job. Got to go straight there from work which is a bit shit though.

also I know the owners but I’m not telling them I’m applying



Had a bit of a rough day, not feeling too grand (or up to cooking) so ordered pizza and watching Bridesmaids :+1: Maybe it’ll be early night too, maybe…

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I’m going to the pub tonight. To sit in. For the first time since who knows when. VERY exciting.

Although, it’s almost guaranteed my mate will be late. I texted him to remind him that we’re booked for 8, and he replied at 5 saying that he’s driving back from the midlands and his satnav said it would take 3 1/4 hours.

I’ll take a book.

Waiting for a Sainsbury’s delivery. Currently 4 minutes late

work was absolutely horrible today. found out one of my colleagues has just told them that they can’t continue on the job and has handed their notice in. thinking about doing the same tbh.

getting pad thai for tea. can’t be fucked with anything tbh.

You’ll be fine I’m sure dude.

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Had this with brown rice and smoked mackerel for tea. Great stuff.


My back hurts


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Had a Chinese for dinner.

Nowt else to say really.



but what lovely Chinese dishes did you have?


Crispy chilli beef
Chicken chow mein
Salt and chilli pepper chips

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I would eat that. Good choice.