Today's just a countdown until takeaway later tbh


Chippy in a mere few hours


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KFC in an hourish i reckon. Cant wait.

You gonna get gravy?

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Off out for tacos and cocktails later

Beans and gravy i reckon.

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  • Kebab
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  • Chippy
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC

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I had fish and chips, mate

What you getting B?



chippington is imminent for manches



Pancake roll

  • Yessingtons
  • Nodiddlys

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I’m at my parents house and they a) never ever get takeaway and b) do not have any snacks in the house.

A difficult life in the periphery

Uber One is ridiculous value. Just got TWO double dirty burgers including delivery for £8.50 by combining a restaurant BOGOF and the no delivery fees and half-price service fee the £5.99 a month gives you.

Used to have that, not sure why I cancelled it tbh

It feels like an unecessry expense, and they might be c*nts, but if you get two takeaways a month, or have to get taxis occasionally, it pays for itself.

chips were fuckin nice lads