Today's New Releases 03/11/2017


Thought I’d start this off this week. I am pretty up for Golden Teacher - No Luscious Life.

So, what y’all got?


Yep, that was 37 minutes very well spent.Reminds me a little of !!! or The Juan MacLean at times. So, if you like that kind of stuff, give it a spin.


Liima - 1982
Will be popping over to Rough Trade to buy it today. Was a big fan of their first album, and am a long time fan of Efterklang. (Although I really just want a new Efterklang album)






Also came here to say Converge.


Also Golden Teacher and Autobahn releases on the list


C O N V E R G E!!!


Mammal Hands got a new one called Shadow Work out today for all you cinematic jazzers.




There’s a Hammock soundtrack LP that I’ve got on just now, and going to give Golden Teacher a try even though I’ve found it difficult to get into the singles so far (and I usually love everything out of Glasgow!)

Otherwise it’s a really, really slow week.


it is HUGE!!


Latest instalment in Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series - Born Again Christian Dylan period!


Golden Teacher is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Quite liked The Kazimier.


I gave Liima repeated listens on the stream the other day, Last album had some nice songs but didn’t really stick with me, I think this is far stronger (aka far more my type of thing) more synthy, more reflective, less happy and jangly. Vocals are great and there’s a strong thematic feeling to it all. Definitely gonna get on it.


Golden Teacher - sounds great on first listen
Bicep - Glue EP - 2 new tracks, :fire: as always


Hookworms - single Negative Space - is this… is this a disco record? From Hookworms? Whatever, I like it.


Thought there was a new Skepta EP out, but it turns out it was out on Halloween. either way, that was this week and i’ve only just noticed it, so I’ll listen to that in a bit.


Picked up the Golden Teacher album at lunchtime, so I’m looking forward to listening to that (all of the EPs have been great).

Also got the Funkadelic Detroit remix album (not sure if that’s a new release from today or not).