Today's New Releases 10th March 2017


Has anything good been released today?

I’ll probably be checking out Jaques Greene later today, however the usually reliable Metacritic missed a gem of a release…

Hater - You Tried
Lo-fi Swedish indie pop, I suspect (a bit like Destroyer) the name may be a bit misleading…


Another strong week in the world of electronic music:

  • Currently checking out Nathan Fake’s latest on that Ninja Tune.
  • Then I will be listening to Shed.
  • After that, I have Shobaleader One lined up (Squarepusher’s live band).
    Opinions to follow.


I’ll get round to hearing the new Laura Marling at some point. Got a good feeling about it, the preceding singles were stronger than most of the tracks on Short Movie

I’ve seen that the Jay Som album got a BNM on Pitchfork. Given that the last “indie rock” artist to get that was bafflingly average (Vagabon), I’ll probably stay clear.


The new Planning for Burial is suitably heavy and miserable. Enjoying that.

Heard lots of good things about the new Gnoomes album. The first one didn’t really do it for me but I’ll be giving that a listen shortly.


I listened to Jay Som in the car on the way to work today based on the BNM. It’s absolutely fine but didn’t, on first listen anyway, seem to be anything particularly special.



I’ve had ‘that’s how you play… the synthesizer’ stuck in my head since seeing the youtube video once a week or so ago. I am so stoked for this.


Nathan Fake’s RA podcast this week was fantastic as well. Straight bangers for for 60mins.


Today will mostly be spent listening to:

Idles - Brutalism
Spectres - Condition


Thanks for the Shed and Shobaleader One recommendations - had a quick preview and have added them both to my playlist.

Also got Laura Marling (I agree that the lead tracks have been superb for this) and The Shins for later on.

There’s also a brilliant new B-side by Slowcoaches called ‘New Race’ on their Living Out single. Played that a few times already today.


New releases taking my interest today …

The Shins
The Magnetic Fields
Laura Marling
Hurray for the Riff Raff
Jay Som


Sonic Jesus has a new one out. Their last album was a rather good, albeit lengthy Goth-ish Psych Rock album, though this one sounds like Post Punk Revival.


yeah my band:


Shed album is sounding terrific on the first couple of listens. Feels like it could feature high in my AOTY list in due course.


Just bought 50 Song Memoir by The Magnetic Fields. The booklet looks and smells very nice at least!

& will probably also buy the Sir Was album on City Slang. This song A Minor Life was one of my favourite songs from last year:


Didn’t realise there were other Planning For Burial fans here! I err, love all it to be honest.

But their newest album is something really special.


Inrigued by Porter Ray but not sure what to expect.

Gnoomes should be good, as should the latest Chinoiseries from Onra (French hiphop beats).

Also looking forward to checking the Planning for Burial and Nathan Fake.


Eyes On You - Aaron Womack

Independent American Pop



Aaron Womack and Aaron Womack


Some standout tracks on the Rolling Blackouts CF and Homesick records. Not heard of either before.