Today's New Releases 7th April 2017

Going to be checking out Cold War Kids, Diet Cig and new Future Islands today.

Always had a soft spot for Cold War Kids debut and third album but fear the new one may not deliver, the singles I have heard sound far more polished and have lost some of their edge.

Will also try listen to new Guided By Voices

Really excited about the new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.


Just listening to Fr John Misty, but will hopefully get to Future Islands, Arca, Guided By Voices & New Pornographers as well today (depending on how social I feel at work!).
Lots of good stuff today - April is going to be quite a month.

The new Happyness album ‘Write In’ is out today

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Already listened to:
Shrugs. It sounds like a pastiche of the wave of pastiches of that Holden album people loved. Aimless ‘techno’ without proper beats but which doesn’t really function as floating ambience. If you liked Nathan Fake’s latest, you’ll probably enjoy it.

I’ve been digging the IDM-y releases on CPU recently. This is their sister label and there’s a more minimal and acid-y vibe here. It’s fine - I’ll probably give it a second listen to see if it’s a grower.

On first listen I’d say it’s the first of his that I’ve really enjoyed since Body Riddle. More IDM than techno. Making me want to go back and re-listen to his last couple to see i my view has changed.

Lots more I want to listen to as well so this will not be my last update.

Yorkston, Thorne & Khan’s second one is out. I haven’t actually heard their first, but they were brilliant live when I saw them last year.

Oh boy, WaqWaq Kingdom release is fookin’ massive. File it loosely under ‘dub’, but it’s drawing from all over the shop. One for my psy thread, for sure.


I’ve just bought the new Bad Breeding LP. Sounds proper bo.

Been enjoying the Here Lies Man album - fella from Antibalas in a psych rock/afrobeat fusion band. Good stuff.


Basic Rhythm
Deconstructed house/bass - reminds me a bit of LHF’s Keepers of the Light. Definitely worthy of a few more listens.

last one was pretty shit (basically a Bob solo album) but i’ve been hearing the new one is decent, with Gillard back in tow. it looks worryingly long though, will give it a spin later

New Octopus Project and Joey Bada$$ albums are on my list as well as others already mentioned.

New Brian May album, anyone?

reads post, puts on immediately

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Wear Your Wounds
Jacob Bannon’s (Converge) much softer side project. Sounds good so far

new Timer Timbre out today is excellent

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I’ve listened to Timber Timbre and Father John Misty and enjoyed them both immensely. Also listened to Fleetwood Mac - Rumours, David Bowie - Heroes, Iggy Pop - The Idiot and Television - Marquee Moon.

It’s been a really, really good day.

reads post, puts on immediately


Allred and Broderick - Find the Ways

Didnt expect to buy it but they had it on in Rough Trade as I was getting FJM and it sounded ace.

The Arca album is absolutely superb - like a wonderful collaboration between Autechre and Ian William Craig. In Spanish. It really is as good as that sounds.

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Listened to half of FJM (gone full on Elton John) and most of the Annie Hardy album Rules which seemed pretty impenetrable