Today's officially Put Your Heating Back On Day 2018


You’ve all got my permission to fire up your boilers or elecy heaters.

You’re welcome.

No chat, please.


Put a jumper on.


BEFORE big coat day? Are you mad?


Had the fire roaring yesterday, cheers


Pretty irked by all the ‘cant wait for autumn!! Jumpers and toasty nights in!!!’

Can’t you remember how long, shit and depressing winter is? Having blazing sun and t shirt weather every day for like 6 weeks was brilliant


I’m bridging the divide, Hawaiian shirt and a cardigan


Pfft, sat here in shorts and t-shirt, pal.


Shorts are on until October 1st.


Had to wear leg warmers on the bike today. Crock of shit


Should probably give them a wash at some point


Love the back to school feeling around this time of year.


Weeee are the leaders


House was a bit chilly last night right enough. Just put on another layer though


Aw fuck my bus to work is gonna be full of the little cunts again





Perfect weather for a nice refreshing estrella galicia


you know what, you might be right.






Might crack open a Gazprom myself