today's thing for us all to get angry about

mild spoiler: it’s not the most ridiculous thing ever

Saw this the other day. It irked me. Thanks x

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i already feel my work here is done, hope you’re well ant x

This is thing that we’re supposed to be angry about right?


it gets worse my friend, much much worse

Damn millennials.

I didn’t think it was that ridiculous until the mega list of recipes came out. That and the bit about the cooler irked me.


obviously not clicking into the thread but this sounds pretty fash

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I’ve just read it :face_vomiting:

Is this an advert for that nextdoor thing then?

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but having said that, I think what irked me more is the fact that there are now a load of newspaper articles about it - which are all basically ‘LOOK AT THESE ASSHOLES’.

Think they’ll need that free therapy now…


People in my neighborhood can alert each other about crime and stuff like that

I can definitely see this going well


just public shaming innit? folk are absolutely mad for it

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the way you’ve quoted this makes me look very very bad

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The couple irked me, because of the recipes, rather than the request, but so did the over the top reaction and subsequent think-pieces from numerous papers and websites.

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Quite a subtle marckeeing, this.


This is what Cheese Posties was set up for ffs! New parents.

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Already been done, and quite reasonably.

Ah shit!

I’ve changed it to a blockquote so it’s not attributed to you any more.

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Where does the train come into this?