Today's Thursday Evening Thread


Hello everyone.

Just watching the news. Need to go out get some stuff to make lunch for tomorrow. Not very exciting. But might add some beer onto it.

What’s everyone else up to?


watched some king crimson videos
then watched a shit episode of new simpsons
then watched a profile on ‘peter’ doherty on channel 4 news
listened to the new at the drive-in song
now watching masterchef

not feeling too great about all this tbh


My neighbour bought me some food as baby’s dad isn’t paying me child maintenance now he’s sold his house and is rich. Can’t understand the reasoning there.

Watching Westworld with the kitten then doing some work before bed


something funny happened to day. Little girl took a pair of scissors and put them to a little boy’s arm (out of intrigue, i guess and no harm was done). I explained “we mustn’t ever put sharp things on other people skin because its very dangerous and we could hurt them” and another little girl who was on the same table really proud goes “yeah we can’t cut other peoples skin but we can cut our own skin :slight_smile:


Evening Unlucky

Eating burritos and catching up on the walking dead are my evening plans. Its hard to decide which will put me to sleep first…

  • Burritos
  • The Walking Dead

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:grin: OMG OMG OMG


i posted on the umbi


It’s still going…!!?


nah dead as fook m8




Went out for fancy burgers and I’m now so full I feel kinda sick. Gonna drink some wine and attempt to do some cleaning and iron my clothes for Christmas party tomorrow


Just been climbing. Now going to eat fishfingers and watch rick ‘n’ morty


Hmm. His voice just isn’t right is it :frowning:


Heading to an improv gig at nine. Cannot fucking wait. It’s a collaboration between the following people:

The singer from this band:

The producer who made this track, among others under that name:

And the drummer from this band:


I am madly excited.


Classic Thursday Masterchef/Apprentice/News/QT combo. Gonna do some nice mashed potatoes I think.


Let’s all listen to it


Nah he’s sounded weird for like 5 years, prob all the scientology



Had some chicken. Going to play some digital card games so I can be a more informed moaner. Got some beer.