What do you make of it?

I’ve never been but I have some family over there and it seems like it is surrounded by some pretty spectacular countryside.

I also believe there are a lot of cats, which can only ever be a good thing.

Are you thinking of holidaying or moving?

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I’ve only driven through a few times but I’ve always liked the look of it. I really like the scenery of the Calder Valley and Todmorden looks like a slightly less pleased with itself alternative to Hebden Bridge. Just a handsome Northern town with lovely scenery around it and not too far from the major cities.

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Tod’s very nice as is Hebden Bridge down the road. I’ve never been but a lot of people enthuse about the Golden Lion pub and venue.

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Nearly moved there in 2007. Wish i had really, now everyone’s moving there (i mean i wish i had apart from it being the general area of the suicide capital of the UK ofc) Like how its sort of the scuzzy version of hebden. Had a great dinner there recently at Yakumama

Utterly obsessed with its UFO stories and society at the moment, and the folklore centre just opened there. MY favourite poety book is Grit by Emily Oldfield which is all about that pennine way, its fantastic.

Getting our first taste of the Golden Lion next week for Mary Lattimore :star_struck:

Speaking of UFOs, Tod used to have a Futuro house - I’ve only ever seen one in Munich.


I know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Several have been bought up for airbnbs now. There’s one in London.

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Just daytripping :grinning:
Hebden Bridge is great but i can’t remember Todmorden

I think the last time I visited Todmorden was on a Thursday - there was quite a big flea market.

My grandparents lived there for decades just near the top of stoodley pike where there is a bench dedicated to them both.


Heheheh, Tod.


Strong mountain biking scene, steep technical looking trails though so I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by the place

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Just had a coffee at Yakumama. Nice vibes


Good pub


Todmorden this,
You know there’s nothing

Been to a few gigs there and it’s a quirky venue - pub serving Chinese food down stairs and cool hippyish venue upstairs. Every time I’ve been we have been the only people in there from outside of Tod and this was pointed out to us by the guy at door.

Best i could make was Trodden for 7.

Have you listened to the Uncanny podcast on BBC Sounds? It’s very good-lots of spooky stuff and there is an episode on the Todmorden UFO sightings.

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Genuinely don’t understand the appeal? Until 10ish years ago it was:

  1. the place my mate moved to and got ripped the piss out of for when we were teenagers.

  2. Where Harold Shipman had worked

  3. Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall had called it Tod More Don and we ripped the piss out of me mate for it.

  4. Rochdale :grimacing:

  5. The grim town on the way Hebden Bridge

Quite fascinated by its revival off the back of basically one pub and from what I’ve been told that is still all there is.


Never been, looks up my street though.