Toe-kicking in Football


how come this is frowned on? i remember in school, you used to get vicious power in shots by just letting rip with your toes and seeing where it went. especially if you were wearing steel toe-caps. fuck that using the front of your foot nonsense.


Cause it hurts your toesy woesys


Just to confirm, this is universally known as the TOE-BUNG, right, not the toe-kick or anything else?


we had another phrase but i’m not sure how it’s spelt. toe-boanting or something like that. idk


Toe poke?


that seems to be the accepted term but ‘poke’ doesn’t do justice to the kind of power you could get using the technique.


Toe-punt, surely/Shirley.

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Aye, that’s fair


Another vote for toe punt here, Clive and Shirley.


It’s a toe punt or a toe poke and it’s nigh on impossible to get any accuracy.

Look at these though:




the endorsements for those boots are incredible.

"Ray Parlour -Former Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Hull City. During his Arsenal career he was nicknamed “The Romford Pelé”

Don’t remember Parlour ever being called that.


can confirm romford pele is legit


Harry Ballsack keeping up to date on quality sports journalism.


I seem to remember that nickname, also. I may be confusing him with Steve Davis, mind.


Designed by Peter Serafinowicz?


Toe punt is different from toe poke I reckon. Punt is obviously booting it as hard as you can, toe poke is like a poacher’s finish past the keeper/an actual useful skill.

Or is it not worth discussing the difference, probably isn’t


no this is good, this is exactly why i refused to use ‘toe-poke’ in the OP. i’d have to take issue with you though: either both are skills or both aren’t.


good way to get power when you’re being crowded out, or get a shot away quicker than the keeper can react. definitely a legit technique.


Suppose so, but I’d associate punts with people that can’t play football at school or something whereas pokes I associate with absolute legends like Inzaghi