Toes (and feet if you like)

For all your toe chat.

I’ve been having terrible trouble with my big toenail. It got properly stamped on by a studded football boot about 5 years ago and went a bit ugly. Shortly after that I solidly kicked a chest of drawers by accident in bare feet, lifted the nail right off. That hurt like fuck.

Since then it’s grown back in various forms of ugliness, been removed on occasion, been sent away for analysis (never heard back), got all ridged and horrible and recently become ingrown. Last week I got it treated by a chiropidist who showed all the sensitivity of a man I later found out had previously been in the army. Feels a lot better now though to give him his due.

How are your toes?

Got a manky big toe nail on my left foot. I believe the word is ‘fungal’ which makes me sound like a proper skank*.
I read yesterday that it can take about 2 years of treatment with that brush-on Scholl stuff to get it anywhere near normal. Either that, or you can get pills from the doc but these can affect you liver(!)
Looks like mank it is then.

(*I’m not, btw)

Yeah my feet are fucked. Need to get them sorted, planned on mentioning it when I went to the appointment I finally managed to get about my depression. But that’s been cancelled now – the fuckers – so I guess I’ll just slowly fall apart, feet and mind first.

My new mate Sergeant Toe reckons that none of the over the counter fungal treatments are worth the money. The only stuff that works are those pills. He neglected to mention the liver issue, however.

The picture on this article is nauseating btw

Informative and disgusting, thank you.

this thread’s giving me the boak

Mine are an absolute shambles. Squishing them into super-tight climbing shoes for several hours each week is not good for them…

The tip and left side of my right big toe has been slightly numb / pins and needly for about a month now. It’s a little bit unnerving. I’m worried it might be a prelude to total muscle failure.

Mine are pretty ok tbh

Bit need(l)y

theres a guy at work (tech support, naturally), that attends meetings and the like in his socks.

he’s a martial arts ‘fanatic’ though (this was pointed out in his welcome email, in which the head of the department commented that we should all behave ourselves or he’ll beat us up) and actually looks a bit like Steven Seagal - big 50ish year old white guy with black hair and a pony tail. for those reasons, I’ve not got too upset with his behaviour. its like a religious thing, right?

So, foot fetishes, then. Not my bag, but I always thought it would be one of the more manageable of the common (?) fetishes to have.

Not really sure where I’m going with this tbh

i’d have thought it would be one of the least manageable - feet on ‘display’ is a societal norm.

Not for me. I always hide my feet at all times.

I just realised this was in reference to the fetish thing. People who don’t dislike feet are generally odd.

Jobs in the toe world seem fairly undesirable. When my horrible toenail had to be cut out, they stuck it in a little bag and posted it off to an unspecified location. Imagine being the person who opens the post at that place on a Monday morning, makes you appreciate your boring desk job a bit more.

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone down a shoe size because of this. Also, I sometimes get weird shooting pains through my foot when I change back into normal shoes.

I’m sure it’s all fine and will sort itself out.

This is my mantra for all climbing-related issues. Loss of feeling in the tops of my second toes? It’s fine. Unable to fully straighten my right ring finger? It will sort itself out. That throbbing pain in the outside of my right knee? Physio wouldn’t help.

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My right shoulder has been hurting for about 5 months. Which can only mean it’ll be back to normal again any day now.

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