Toilet Roll Poll


So, regardless of whether you currently have a toilet roll holder or not, which way round feels correct to you?

  • Under
  • Over
  • Don’t care either way

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For those of you with a preference, are the people who do it the other way:

  • Living their lives differently to me and I can respect that
  • Wrong and I wish they’d see the light
  • Fucking idiots
  • Scum

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When I was growing up, we had it over.

Now I couldn’t give a shit.

Also, we currently don’t have a toilet roll holder.

Putting it under just seems like an act of wilful contrarianism tbh.

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I don’t have one either.

Under genuinely upsets me.


Best of both worlds

Think this is worse tbh


That looks like a real life poll there and most people preferred the one on the left.

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You know, there are a lot of things in this world that I get needlessly angry over and judge people for Doing Wrong, but I just don’t care about this one.

I’m disappointed in you.

I’ll try and find something that makes you angry.

If I’m at someone’s house and they’ve got it under (and it’s easy to do so), I will change it for the duration of my ‘visit’, then change it back after I flush.

Imagine how much less stressed I’d be if I wasn’t fucking weird.

Guys, we need to get back on the toilet roll covers! Look at them, such beauty!

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Literally impossible. I am at peace with the world and everything in it.


Used to be a fanatical ‘under’ person, as I felt like (at least at the start) the weight of the roll helped to rip it off easier.

But the wife is more an ‘over’ type so now it just goes on whichever way it comes.

haha me too, if i am round at someone elses and the have it ‘under’ i always switch it around :slight_smile:

over is closer, so it wins

I genuinely wasn’t aware of how much in the minority I’d be on this point.

I may need to re-evaluate every aspect of my life.

Under is for if you have pets who like to pull it off the holder. You could claim your housemate is a pet of sorts…?