Toilet roll stock audit

Down to our last 2 in the house. Haven’t seen any in a shop near us for about a week.

Bought a 16-pack in the big shop when we were running low last month, probably have about 12 in the flat atm

Sainsbury’s local near us seems to have loads still

sixteen. two kitchen rolls

I’m living with my parents and they did this

17 rolls. Should last a while.

The fuckin’ monsters


All of those shoes are mine


15 rolls. Get to a 24hr supermarket if possible, managed to get a load of cleaning supplies around 10pm yesterday that were sold out earlier in the day

18 rolls as it was a buy one get one free a while back on ocado.

Think b and m and such like have stock.

21 rolls, also a buy one get one free about a month ago.

18 rolls bought from work. We have a ridiculous amount in stock, I won’t run out.

Wife signed up to some recyclable loo roll thing just before the shit hit the fan (hurrrrr). Got about 40 rolls.

Tbh lads if you run out loo roll just use a shower head and a cloth


Can someone explain why people are hoarding the stuff?

Masks, painkillers, food, i can understand, but just seems like a weirdly British thing - reading you might catch a deadly virus and your first worry being whether or not you can wipe your arse for three months.

Don’t get the panic around loo roll. This is just what you’d do innit.

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Covid doesn’t give you the shits does it

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Anyone who’s been to south east Asia knows that the bum gun is far superior to loo roll anyway

Bum gun :rofl:

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Anyone want me to post some bog roll from Sweden? We’ve got loads atm

Bum gun is the best.

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