Toilet (Rolling) Thread


We’ve often talked about it but it’s never happened. A thread where every post comes from a toilet, bathroom, restroom, loo, bog, shitter.

Prizes available for the most exciting or exotic location. To be judged and awarded by @meowington.

Photos welcomed but we’ll trust you.

I’m in the disabled toilet at work. Come at me.


really, really weird behaviour doing anything other than toilet business in a toilet


Mods, please delete his post which I assume wasn’t posted from the throne. And mine too since I’m back at my desk.


Came here to discuss toilet rolls

fuck you DiS


Another clown vandalising my glorious thread.


Saw this thread on my PC so just walked back to my bathroom to hang the towels up especially. Hello. I’m standing on a bathrug rn!!!


I’ve gone to the 5th floor bogs to post this.

Look at this wall! It’s special corrugated concrete and is one of the reasons this building is listed. The cubicle I’m in is massive.


Your cubicle needs a door mate


The door is on the right (not pictured)


The urinals at the UFO bridge in Bratislava. Found the whole bucket situation weirder than the view tbh.

(The shitters have a similar view. Not sure of the glass is one way or if the Bratislava authorities have just assumed perverts aren’t particularly resourceful).


Are you there right now, Steved?

If not, get back there right now and resend this.



Beautiful, tw9.


Shit view from The Shard