Toilet Scientists

Haven’t really made any advances in decades, have they? Nothing to improve skidmark prevention, odour suppression, something to clean your ring (not separate bidet) or maybe a waterless system.

What other professions are bone idle?

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Marckee’s about to talk about Japan.


I can see him! He’s coming everyone!



They have better toilets in Japan.

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Those toilet seats with the bidet extension are all over the place in Asia

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You do get waterless toilets. And the others are on Japanese toilets.

The barrier is customers being unwilling to adopt them, apparently.


V.I.Poo is £5 a bottle.

Those are the air deodorising crew, not your bog men or women!

Check out Balonz with his Science Toilet



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On a scale of 1-7 how Japanese are your parents?

Bill Gates was big into this a while ago wasn’t he

Don’t understand the technology that gets it to aim so perfectly.

I’m willing marckee. Very willing.

Yeah I have hosed my anus in Asia. Also chucked buckets of water down to flush.

The toilet has to get them to a 1 surely, even if the scale started at -1!

i was always far too intimidated to try the bum hose