Toilet Scientists


Haven’t really made any advances in decades, have they? Nothing to improve skidmark prevention, odour suppression, something to clean your ring (not separate bidet) or maybe a waterless system.

What other professions are bone idle?


Marckee’s about to talk about Japan.


I can see him! He’s coming everyone!




They have better toilets in Japan.


Those toilet seats with the bidet extension are all over the place in Asia


You do get waterless toilets. And the others are on Japanese toilets.

The barrier is customers being unwilling to adopt them, apparently.


V.I.Poo is £5 a bottle.


Those are the air deodorising crew, not your bog men or women!


Check out Balonz with his Science Toilet


this is a thing. my parents have a toilet that squirts water at you for bum cleaning purposes.




On a scale of 1-7 how Japanese are your parents?


Bill Gates was big into this a while ago wasn’t he


This will never not be funny


Don’t understand the technology that gets it to aim so perfectly.


I’m willing marckee. Very willing.


Toilets in Muslim countries have a bum hose which is great (all toilet usage is followed by cleaning with water, every mozzer household will likely have bathroom jugs for this)


not at all japanese, so i guess 1? (i feel like 0 would be a more appropriate answer, but the scale you’ve opted for doesn’t allow for that)


Yeah I have hosed my anus in Asia. Also chucked buckets of water down to flush.