Toilet Seat chat 2

Firstly did @anon5266188 get a lid sorted for his?

Our downstairs bog seat is so much nicer than upstairs I think I am going to replace. Probably get this one (need to measure up tonight):

Do you like it?

Also would anyone like my old one?

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not a fan of square bogs tbh


I think “Formaldehyde White” as a colour name is terrible for at least three reasons.


Don’t get that one. My parents recently got a D shaped toilet and seat and I really cannot poo on that thing.
I’m also not allowed to poo in their downstairs loo (not sure why?) but I do it anyway.

No need to get nasty. I think ours is more rounded than that… my major concern.

That’s alright, innit? Screwfix, aye?

Our loo seat is super cheap and plasticy but there’s no point in replacing it as we’ll get the entire bathroom done at some point this year.

Really I wanna replace the bath with a fucking massive shower but mr pn is well against it.

Or is it “Urea Formaldehyde White”? That might be worse.

Still awaiting the lid part, the seat part is there.

I am not anticipating the lid being fitted whilst we still live in the flat.

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My housemate did this to her bathroom and MY GOD the shower is FUCKING AMAZING.
I’ve managed to convince my bf to do the same with his bathroom and he’s well game.

Our upstairs toilet is pretty much a skid certainty - I am hoping because of the seat/anus position. Downstairs it is no issue. So I am looking for a seat that will put my ring right above the water.


Hang on, they mean it’s made of UF polymer. They should have said that instead.

Don’t do this


Whole downstairs shitter needs doing but the seat situation is bordering on being a disaster. Need to get a new one. Want something sturdy in maybe taupe or grey?

I don’t think that’s to do with the seat though, is it?
It’s something to do with the actual toilet.

you can have lonzo’s old one for (what i’m sure will be) a fair price

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Why not?

We never have baths so why the fuck do we want a bath? I am also not concerned with “OH WHEN YOU SELL IT PEOPLE WON’T LIKE IT NOT HAVING A BATH” well fuck off we’re living there now and I don’t give a shit


Having the option of bath or shower is better than only having shower available.

I miss having a bath a lot.

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