Toilet Seat Talk (The new TST)

Tell me about your toilet seat(s), past, present and future.

The teal coloured toilet seat that I bought from Wilko about 3 years ago has given up the ghost in the last couple of days. One holding screw has sheared clean through. Going to have to buy a new one this weekend.

Wow! We’re actually planning on getting a new T-Seat this weekend!

I quite want one of those transparent one with very classy underwater scenes in them, like this:

Ours (cheapest one from Asda, I reckon) is on its way out. Think a screw’s going.

It’s had to put up with a lot, that toilet seat, so fair play to it.

my two favoured toilets in the house (neocon) both have very slightly lose seats, so if you don’t come down on them from straight down then sometimes they slip to the side and the little legs fall off the porcelain rim of the toilet. Should probably tighten them up, or replace them.

I’ve got nothing else to give on the subject, sadly.

I want this

  • I have a wooden toilet seat like a civilised human being
  • I have a plastic toilet seat because I deserve no better
  • Other

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I reckon that’s a P- bass body rather than a Strat. Seems fitting.


From the last time we did this thread:

We have these. Soft close. Nice:

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Men, (with the exception of sit down pisser @Antpocalypsenow) is there anything worse than having to prop up a toilet seat with one arm while you’re having a whizz?

No. The answer is no.


my inlaws downstairs loo is like that. both the lid and the seat don’t stand up on their own - really irritating.

Quite like getting into a race with a soft close toilet seat for some real Indiana Jones style peril. Never in my own home though, I’m not an animal.


Can I just shock you, the downstairs loo at my in-laws is what prompted my comment!!!11 Are you married to my wife too?

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This was how life was at my last flat. An awful 10 months. New flat has a toilet seat that stays up all on its own and life has rarely been better.

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The cheapest one from Wilko. Plastic.

haha that’s brilliant!

I’ve learned that you can balance it just right so that it stays up but I’ve been caught out before where it’s slammed down and I’ve had to cut the stream (of urine from my penis, not some kind of seedy webcam).

We’ve just moved into a new rented flat and it has a wooden toilet seat with a couple of chips. Want to replace it asap because all I can think of is the germs in those chips. Think I’d prefer plastic tbh.

Maybe being sat on a toilet where the door doesn’t close so you have to hold it shut with an arm / leg?

I think that’s less bad cos you’re sat down but it’s definitely close.