Toilet Trouble, Flushin' Frenzy, Unicorn Magical Poopsie Slime Surprise

Toilet Trouble - now just £10.99!!

Flushin’ Frenzy - now just £21.99!!!

Unicorn Magical Poopsie Slime Surprise - coming soon!!!

:poop: :laughing:

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I basically need a jobby within fifteen minutes of a meal.

that is a remarkably quick digestive system you’ve got

It’s five minutes with certain foods - coffee for example. Not sure it’s biologically possible, but then i get a cold about every three weeks so i think my entire immune and digestive systems are just utterly borked.

I’ll probably get in to trouble for this as it’s not a product line we currently stock, but under the circumstances I can highly recommend the Toilet Paper Skid Shot Blaster:

Good luck!

what is happening

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“easy cleanup”


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Hi @BargainMax, I do hope you’re well and thank you for bringing this bargain to our attention.

Has Toby caused any trouble recently?

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Has he ever!! :frowning_face:

I rue the day that Toby ever crossed the threshold of to be welcomed into the Bargain family. Rue the day.

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