Toilets at School


The primary school that my eldest is going into is refurbishing the shit hole toilets over the summer to replace with mostly unisex cubic ones.

Obviously, as a non dick head, this is a great move.

The community Facebook page is having a riot with it.

Any funny toilet at school stories? I have loads but it is dinner time. I’ll be back.


Boys standing at the urinals with theirs trousers and pants round their ankles, sometimes arching their backs trying to piss as high up the wall as they can.

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28 years old etc


I walked into a block of toilets in secondary school to some kids a few years above me selling weed. Got smashed in the face for my troubles.


Dunno how I would feel about this, boys and girls were horrible to each other at my school


I got bullied into pissing on a kid’s trainers when I was maybe 11. Got in a load of shit and then snitched :sunglasses:

We also used to spend a lot of time trying to piss on the low toilet ceiling when I was 10 or so.


Actually don’t remember ever going to toilet at school, think maybe I just held it in until I got home


I got my arse skelped for pissing in a corner of the playground when I was 5.




Rowan was known to many folks as “log boy” in year 5. Kids can be so cruel.


At secondary school, aye. Think we were all massively dehydrated tbh. That and the fact there were about 10 toilets (and I mean actual toilets, not rooms with toilets in) between 1,500 pupils.


holy shit yeah, never thought about this before but I had what like one tiny carton of juice every day and that was it. Forgot that you don’t go and make a cup of tea in school


One of the funniest and best bits you can do as an adult man.


Somebody I know does this in clubs. Odd fellow


Tommy did a shit in the urinal and they put a toilet ban in place. (Register of who went and when, but to my mind it was a BAN) I pissed myself as a result. 28 years old I was.


Don’t remember going to the toilet at all at school. As has already been pointed out, never drunk that much at school.

Boys not flushing the toilet after having a shit while at primary school. I think that’s about it on the funnies.

Out of interest, OP, what has been the reaction on the community Facebook page to unisex toilets?


It’s on accounts of how it’s properly funny I’d imagine. Sounds like a good lad this one, good boy, a proper good boy.


Saw someone doing this in the pub on Saturday, no mates with him or anything, just loving life

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Still refer to this as ‘a primary school pish’. Usually give anyone who does this a wide berth.

On the other hand, I do enjoy walking into public bogs and seeing an old fella standing at the urinal going about his business with his hands on his hips. Really cracks me up.

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This guy calls it a schoolboy piss
As I said, odd guy

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