Toilets at School


The staff toilets were out of order one day so Mr Brinded had to use the kids toilets and obviously used the cubicle rather than the urinals but then we started a rumour that he couldn’t wee standing up.

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In year 2 we had a brand new teacher and she tried to lay down the law so said not to bother asking to go to the toilet. We could go during our breaks. 25 minutes into the first lesson of the year a kid wet himself


This is a huge fear of mine as a teacher. I’d feel so so awful I always let kids go / after X is back etc (wasn’t born yesterday)


Legit don’t remember ever using the toilets at school, which baffles me. I must have gone, right? Odd.


Same here - except I remember going in primary school but not secondary. Why the memory block there?


I can picture pretty much my whole secondary school buildings/ site - except the toilets

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