Tokens of appreciation for colleagues

You ever do this?

I once got a big bar of Dairy Milk for an administrator after she had to stay late to do some work for me (it wasn’t my fault and she knew that, but still). Handing it over was the most excruciatingly awkward interaction two humans have ever had, though, and I’ve been gun-shy ever since.

I’m thinking of getting one of the administrators a wee bottle of JD because we (mostly not me, but the other perpetrator isn’t going to step up) ran them ragged last week but I’m not sure.

nah, would just get involved and share the workload rather than spend a token £1 on a chocolate bar innit

Bake some cakes for everyone instead.

I want to thank them, not punish them.


I had been planning to get one of our administrators some flowers when I left because she was working well above her pay grade and was doing lots of extra useful stuff for me. But then she got another job and left, the same week that I had to get her a secret Santa present and contribute to her leaving gift, so it felt a tad overkill to get something else as well.

Why dont you give them your restaurant vouchers?

They don’t live in Cambridge.

Some owl tat

I bought Star Wars tickets for me and the full roast eater and then I was ill so he went with his brother and I never saw a penny back.


slippery and hazardous slope if you’re in a position of authority

Nae danger, nobody listens to me.

I once started a new job on about £19k and I’d only been there about a month and something came up and I stayed til 10:30pm on my own to sort it out and the boss never even said thanks. Still smarts.

bought my team advent calendars

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I used to work at a place where it was the done thing for the account managers to buy gifts (wine, chocs, flowers) at Christmas for their Sales Support girl. They’d take us out to fancy lunches to say thanks and one sent me 6 bottles of wine to my house. It was well nice.

But then I left that job and went to a place where no one buys anyone gifts for really helping them out.

Buy the gift! just leave it on their desk before they get in and when they thank you just go “ahh its nothing just wanted to say thanks” and they’d love it.
as long as they like JD.

I got overpaid in one of my first jobs, they added the holiday pay rather than taking it off. Told them and the mother fuckers never said thanks for that either. Absolute dicks.

would probably big them up to the right people in the company, tbh (their manager for example).

I was once temping with the council and they accidentally double paid me the same month that the same council sent me an unpaid council tax bill for almost exactly the same amount. was a beautiful experience paying them off with their own idiot money.


Send them a feedback email saying thanks and mentioning whatever they did that was above and beyond and cc their boss so they can use it in their appraisal. I’ve never bought anything for anyone as i fear the awkwardnesd