Tokens of appreciation for colleagues



At work we have these monthly team meetings - about 40 or so people - and there’s always a bit where people who’ve done a good job get bigged up. One month I had just finished a four month period where I’d single handedly taken on this project that was about to die and had worked really hard to turn it around, succeeded, and in the process saved the tax payer £146,000. That month, the three people who got publicly thanked by the boss had each received an email from a member of the public thanking them for their help after having a 10 minute call on our advice line.

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hope you notice the pear instead of an apple on the laptop. V.v. clever.




bit brusma

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A few years back I worked in drug safety for a pharma company and dealt with adverse reaction reports. We had a major safety crisis and me and one other colleague ended up working till 11pm every night for two months to deal with it, including on Christmas Day. At the end of it all the company director stood up and thanked every single department in the company for rallying round, except for us. My face must’ve been an absolute picture.

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In my uni admin job I had to put through the invoice stuff in a spreadsheet that then went through their system, every time I buggered it up. Had to speak to this guy so many times as he tried to talk me through why codes etc weren’t working and I had to keep cancelling and redoing accounts. Anyway, got him some chocolates and then left and will hopefully never account spreadsheet again…he was very pleased.

People have got me stuff for helping out, is nice to be appreciated innit

Lucky escape IYAM

we’ve got a system for sending anonymous (or not) thanks to colleagues. I get fuck all except comedy ones.

The word “one” being smaller than the rest of it made me read it as:

Keep calm and I’m one in a minion

absolutely fuck that, man

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Might get a thank you every now again.

Dish out thank yous every day to my team.

Obviously I’ve said thank you already. Just not in material form.

why not perform ‘thank you’ by led zeppelin, but just on your bass, no vocals. Stare into their eyes throughout.

I’m a bit busy preparing for the Jawbreaker reunion tour at the moment.

As an apparition?

Force projection.