Tom Cruise's film injuries are always the same


Mildly interesting:


I think it is due to a combination of coincidence and working in a great many films where he sustains facial injuries (ie action films).


Lizard man cuts up the same way every time


His face is just like Battle Damage He-Man


Not in Vanilla Sky


big fan of tom cruise


i was disappointed with the new jack reacher(round) lopes

not a patch on the first one


yeah really disappointing film. i haven’t seen the first one but was expecting a whole lot more from the second


best Tom Cruise performance?

  • Born on the Fourth of July
  • that other one

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Jezza Mags for me, silks


Tropic Thunder or Top Gun


yeah, it probably is that, isn’t it


walked away from this movie after 15 minutes.


I think he’s great in:
Top Gun
Rain Man
Risky Business
Colour of Money
Born on the 4th of july
A Few Good Men
Jerry Maguire


I think his best performance was in Magnolia… or maybe the first Mission Impossible…


Subthread, what’s the best Mission Impossible film

  • MI 1
  • MI 2
  • MI 3
  • MI Ghost Protocol
  • MI Rogue Nation

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man! he’s actually done some solid movie eh. props to ya, Tom, ya freaky bastard


he’s made loads of good films. also love cocktail


He’s great in Edge Of Tomorrow/Live.Die. Repeat. as well.


Collateral is absolutely exceptional.