Tom O’Connor - RIP

Tom O’Goner

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Think Tom O’Gonna would have worked better. Still too soon though :wink:

I don’t know - Gonna is short for going to, whereas Goner is short for passed away, isn’t it?

But also, yeah, a bit soon


Stewart Lee’s mum will be devastated

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(actually i think she died a few years ago, never mind)

‘Tom took the literary world by surprise when he released his first book, One Flew Over The Clubhouse’

Very much a TV figure of my youth, but I realise I have no idea of any the things he was in.

((I thought Tom O’Connor was already dead))

OK looked them up now and still… nope.

i remember my mum liked Crosswits

I’ll be perfectly honest, I reckon I probably liked Crosswits. I just have zero recollection of it.

Yeah i have absolutely 0 idea of what the show entailed

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I remember crosswits

Well I’ve learned something about Tom today. His son was the manager of All Saints and is married to Denise Lewis.

Didn’t realise Des was still alive

Just watched a few minutes. It seems very hard. And a bit shit. Strong 3-2-1 vibes of “wtf?”


Des O’Connor is the son of Tom I believe

No he’s Hazel’s brother.