Tom Vek

The madlad has only gone and dropped an entire new album completely out of the blue


Fantastic news. I know people barely think of him anymore but I love all three albums.

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Funny how it’s been as long since his last album as between his first and second.

In a way.


Always wonder what people who dip off the radar for years and years do to make a living. Presumably he has a day job? Bit of a legend anyway, looking forward to diving into this.

Think he’s a graphic designer

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He’s been busy working on the next Pono

Ooooft 530 quid!

Cannot see anyone buying this

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They’re gorgeous and I love the concept because artwork is really something Spotify/streaming and phone listening completely neglects – but yeah, bit pricey

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250gb for £530 nope.

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At least its not a tolberone anymore


Ffs animals in the jungle will be in my head all day now


Probably so expensive because its a square. Those displays must cost a fortune purely because of the shape

It’s a shame because there’s definitely a gap in the market for something like this nowadays. Unfortunate they couldn’t get the price any lower but it just goes to show the buying/investment power of corporations I guess. If this was by Apple people would completely freak out.


…I’m not sure they will tbf. There really isn’t much of a market for a 500 pound square mp3 player that isn’t very portable which only has 250gig of storage

Only hi fi enthusiasts would buy these and even with this im not sure they will.

It looks lovely but thats all it has going for it really (and an above average dac which most people won’t care about)

and Aroused too (it is Thursday after all)

this is great, instantly one of my AOTYs tbh

A very very long time ago, in that gap between the first and second albums, someone made a load of weird songs and (apparently) sent them to labels under TV’s name. They also got posted here. There were like 30 songs on the CD, all 1-2 minutes. A whole chunk of them were about Christmas.

Such a weird memory.

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It’s just a cumbersome iPad without any of the other useful functions?


No you don’t understand. This is square.


Only one backer so far :grimacing: