Tom Vek

Vom Tek


Good album this! But for someone trying to flog a slab that shows the artwork, I think staring at his bright yellow nothingness would, if nothing else, diminish the listening experience


This is decent! Who’d have thunk it?

(not me, I would not have thunk about Tom Vek releasing a good new album in 2020)

Ooh, new Vek. Did not expect that.

Re: the big iPod:

Me too, but look at how the software actually runs in the video. Looks very jerky and slow which would be hugely annoying. Stuff like this is really two things: a nice physical thing and nice software. I’m not convinced on the latter, and at this price that’s crazy.

I can see the appeal of the artwork side of it, but it feels like that’s an app or some software they could sell to Spotify/tidal etc, rather than a £500 piece of hardware


Yeah, a tablet in particular could totally allow a booklet format by splitting the screen into 2

Let’s forget the music player for a mo, this albums is really good, got really good low key grooves throughout


Can I have the £530 instead? please

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Yeah I can get some really nice headphones or decent powered speakers for that and actually enhance my music listening experience

You’re the worst lottery winner ever

I’m confident youll take the title

I know he’s not a huge name, and I know they prefer clickbait horseshit these days, but a bit weird that neither Pitchfork/Stereogum have mentioned this new album at all from what I can tell

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I thought a song sound very Tom Vek the other day can’t remember what it was now

Looking forward to listenibg to this

I dont think he’s ever really had much of a US or even international presence

Really enjoying this album. Not hitting the highs of the first three, he’s not exploring as many ideas across the songs as he usually would, but still a very solid and complete listen. Love those drum sounds too.

  1. Leizure Seizure
  2. We Have Sound
  3. Luck
  4. New Symbols

He’s releasing a track a week for next 7 weeks across all platforms, including collectible NFTs and - I know, I know - I think his thoughts about experimenting with web3 are worth reading in this thread