Tom Waits

Anyone a fan? BBC4 did one of those half-arsed clip-show-masquerading-as-a-documentary programmes at the weekend. Turned out I quite enjoyed it as I’d not actually seen much footage of him before.

Heart missed a beat seeing the thread title

Oh yeah I was meaning to watch that. I think he might be my all time favourite music man. Got more of his albums than anyone else and haven’t really heard anything he’s done that I don’t like.

Initially got into him through Swordfishtrombones but these days I’m more drawn to the earlier jazzy stuff and also his newer records. Bad As Me was great, hope he’s got another in him. If he tours I will pay anything.

Here’s a great one

Blue valentine is for me his best

It was very good, except that beige twat from Elbow boring on in it. They did show a bit of my favourite song of his though.

Anywho one of the best storytellers ever tbh and a much underrated songwriter.

Missed that show, must catch it.
Absolute genius. Rain Dogs is in my all time top 10, but the overall quality of his output is staggering. Can’t think of a bad album.


i watched it, kind of like him when he sounds like beefheart but can’t stand when he starts growling over sentimental piano ballads

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NOT dead!

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^i jave no recollection of posting this

Very watchable doc but an hour dedicated to waits is never gonna be enough.

If I could be arsed, I’d make a “Toms_Wait” joke account and :heart: this.


Tom Waits for no man


Probably my favourite musician after Bowie. I know his work divides a lot of people between the broken-heart ballads and the mad bastard musings but I love it all. His last couple of albums haven’t had enough time to get under my skin but Tom Waits patiently.

Blue valentine for me will
Always be his masterpiece

I caught this last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sucker for archive footage. Was some good stuff! He was definitely a unique character with a varied output.

Also saw this on the Twitter last week so I’ll leave it here, amused me.


Just stuck this on. Usually just listen to Closing Time or Nighthawks.

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You alright bruv? How’re you getting on with the new boards?

So did he die or no?