I tell you what, I bloody love Tomahawk. Anyone else like Tomahawk?

What’s your favourite Tomahawk album?

  • Tomahawk
  • Mit Gas
  • Anonymous
  • Oddfellows

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The only one I don’t really get on with is Anonymous. It has some great moments but mostly I don’t like the sound of it. I really like M.E.A.T and was hoping there’d be an album coming in that style, but nothing arrived.

Let’s talk about Tomahawk.

You know what. i have only heard the song Rape This Day which is pretty mint

Oof, get involved. God Hates A Coward is a great starter, but the three albums other than the one I said I didn’t like are all fantastic.

Enjoyed seeing them live at the Astoria way back when, but then I wasn’t one of the lucky folk down the front who Mike pissed on at the end of the set. Do they still play live? Would go again.

Last album was 2012, but I imagine if they did another they’d tour it. They’re all busy with other stuff all the time so I doubt it’d happen otherwise.

Fuck, thought this would be new album news. Love the first two. Anonymous was pretty meh.

Ha, I was. I was 14 at the time, my mum was mortified when my mum found out what Mike Patton had done to/on me.

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Sorry eric.

What did you think of Oddfellows?

I honestly cant remember a thing about it, will give it another bash.

With you here, the first two are brilliant, didn’t think much of the other two. Met Duane Denison after the Tomahawk gig in Belfast, must have been around 2002 or so, absolutely lovely guy.

Same, was on a rock sound comp

gosh, not listened to them since them played Reading a few years ago (they were superb, of course - When is Mike anything other than that live?) i need to refresh my memory before choosing a favourite.

I’ve only heard the first two but I love the first two.

Bloody love the first two records. Anonymous has a couple of tracks I liked (but very rarely revisit) and Oddfellows was disturbingly average for a band so wilfully odd. Would really like to see them live but I can’t see them touring all that extensively any time soon.

I think if you like Rape This Day Mit Gas would be a good place to start, as it’s on it and the rest has a similar feel. Ish.

Great album.

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listened to Mit Gas this morning, so bangin’.

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I would agree with the consensus here, first two albums are great, didn’t think much to Anonymous and Oddfellows left me completely cold, bar one or two tracks.

Done a playlist as per eric’s rules (albeit I added M.E.A.T).

Point & Click
Rape This Day
Red Fox
The Quiet Few
God Hates A Coward
When The Stars Begin To Fall
Sir, Yes Sir
Capt Midnight
Aktion 13FH

5 from Mit Gas, 3 from s/t, 2 from Oddfellows, 1 from Anonymous. Seems about right.

ooh I got mine off

some cracking names on here

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Never listened to their albums but saw them at the Town and Country Club (with Melvins in support). Great stuff.