Tomato juice

This one will no doubt divide opinion but I think it’s a drink of the gods. Love it plain, with lea and perrins and tabasco, as a bloody Mary. Lovely stuff.

  • Delicious tomatoey
  • Repellent

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Absolutely disgusting. I make a very good Bloody Mary apparently but I’ve never tasted it. Awful stuff.

Ok in bloody mary, bad elsewhere


I really like to drink it

Tomato flavoured coke would be a smash hit, you’d have to think

You’ve lost your mind.


You’re being very aggressive in this thread

I know.

I think the most off-putting thing about it is the weird residue it leaves behind.

I could say the exact same thing about you


You probably should actually.

Would be intrigued be a coke flavoured tomato but not tomato flavoured coke

One thing that is guaranteed to make me wretch

Only had a Bloody Mary. well I say had, I took two sips and gave it to a mate. Rancid

As it it was horrid, not that I gave it to Lars Frederickson


bloody mary = genius

other than that, get it in the bin

Bloody Mary is a sanctuary for items that are gross on their own. See also, celery.

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Never tried it, don’t like the idea of it

It’s a very weird concept and I do not approve of it.

Gross. Don’t understand it at all.

Even Bloody Mary’s - if it’s just about finding an acceptable way of getting booze back into your system when hungover there are loads of better methods.