Do you

  • Like tomatoes and tomato soup
  • Like tomatoes and dislike tomato soup
  • Dislike tomatoes and like tomato soup
  • Dislike tomatoes and tomato soup

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(also is this new:


You know how about the other day I was saying about “I like strawberry flavoured things but not strawberries” this is also the case for “I like tomato flavoured things but not tomatoes”


I kind of like certain types of tomatoes. Like the small posh ones are good. Sun dried are good too.

Don’t know what to tell you.

I like strawberries and strwaberry flavoured things.

Do you consider yourself a man of nuance?

I woud say you like tomatoes. Not liking shit supermarket tomatoes is fine.

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I like orange flavoured things but dislike oranges, if that helps at all.

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Oui, bien sur!

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You say tomato, I say tomato

It helps a lot.

Data is everything.

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Alright, Picard

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I am fine with tomatoes but I don’t like them anywhere near as much as I like tomato soup

Wow! Impressive!

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tomato is good at complimenting stuff but it’s too much all on it’s own, tomato soup is too much

I like tomatoes and tomato-based foods in all but one case: I do not enjoy a cooked tomato as part of my cooked breakfast. “Leave it out”, I often say.


is cycling cool?

  • yeah it’s great
  • nah it’s shit

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Do you just dislike Heinz cream of tomato soup? What about New Covent Garden tomato and basil soup?

It is new isn’t it? And very discriminatory (ie I’m not a member of any of those groups).

All rank, III!