Tommy Robinson banned from twitter

“For quoting a statistic on Muslim grooming gangs” say people angry about not having the freedom say certain brown people of a particular religion are the biggest problem ever in the world.

Does anyone know/care about this and what the controversial tweet and stat in question is?

I liked him better when he was on Time Team.


Knowing his modus operandi as a ‘journalist’, he’s lifted something from Mail Online (or more likely, the comments from Mail Online) and used it as fact.

I liked him better when he was on Radio 6

Guys Thomas Robinson is quite a common name

It’s unfortunately a case of whack-a-mole with these types now: Twitter is so infested with them that it’s difficult to make it bearable. It’s a complete cesspool of fake accounts, bots, and extreme nutjobs.

I’m surprised more wasn’t made of him going abroad to beat up some immigrants, then staging an assault on himself outside a McDonalds by some (cough) anti-fascists.

Vile c*nt, fuck him.


I preferred him when he was singing 2 4 6 8 Motorway


Don’t really care, he’s basically a crypto-racist trying his hard to disguise his rhetoric as patriotism.

Tommy Robinson, or as I like to call him Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon


*Ground Force

Edit, this doesn’t really work.

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He’s just a thick, racist thug who’s realised this is his best bet of making a living. Ignore (or gulag, y’know).


in that sense I think he’s probably the closest there is to a male Katie Hopkins

It’s a ‘stage’ name for him isn’t it?

he is the weakest link, goodbye!

Preferred him when he was making lemon barley water or whatever.

He’s such a worm.

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