Tommy Robinson banned from twitter


What are your views on this? I actually disagree with it. Obviously the guy is a complete bell end but he should be allowed to air his views and then people can debate with him.



No he shouldn’t


yeah, good idea.


I’m for freedom of speech and then actually debating with these people why I think they’re wrong.


breaking terms of service on a private website isn’t a freedom of speech issue.

even if it was racists don’t deserve a platform.


good for you. set up your own social media platform and go chat to nazis there. preferably in the sea


Do you not agree with freedom of speech?


Not when its racist bile, no


a) freedom of speech doesn’t involve forcing private companies to give everyone a platform to say whatever they want

b) any reasonable definition of freedom of speech precludes hate speech

c) what do you hope to gain from conversing with fascists if you’re not sympathetic to their cause?


Who is beastie? Is it one of the old trolls?


But surely true freedom of speech has to offend sometimes? I certainly don’t agree with anything that man says but let him say it and then hopefully show others that he is a hateful scumbag and why he is.


Is it Ricky Gervais?


don’t think so


Why are you assuming it has anything to do with being offended?

There are plenty of reasons to ban someone like Tony Robinson that arent to do with causing ‘offence’.

Lol tommy sorry autocorrect


I find people like him genuinely interesting and find it difficult that he has the views he does.


why let him say it? all he is doing is trying to incite hatred to a group of people without merit

there’s absolutely no reason to give him a platform


Pretty dodgy to find him “interesting”


Maybe it is but what I mean is that I find the things he talks about interesting not his beliefs


sounds well dodgy tbh

maybe spend less time listening to fascists

Seriously you’re making yourself sound like one to watch out for here.