Tommy Robinson banned from twitter


ah come on mate, he literally just spouts hatred to Muslims, there is nothing interesting about it


But I listen to them and disagree with them. What is wrong with that?


I was about to engage with this, but nope.


do you seriously not see how privileged you are that you can just ‘listen’ to hate speech and ‘disagree’ with it and still feel safe in your continued existence in society?


listening to them


I do see this yes.


I’m very slightly against banning him on Twitter, calling him a nazi, etc, because it gives him ammunition and an avenue to counter and actually appear reasonable in the eyes of a lot of people. A similar problem with the alt-right. His argument becomes “well, I’m demonstrably not a nazi, so look at how people on the opposite side of the spectrum sensationalise and misrepresent me” “the left-leaning social media corporations are intolerant of free speech”, etc, etc, and he appears somewhat balanced. Never mind how many of his actual views still conflate with xenophobia, Islamophobia, toxic nationalism, etc. It becomes a side point and most of his media appearances become about what he doesn’t represent than what he does.

I think the right and far-right are becoming savvy about what to downplay in order to appear reasonable and make the left look over-sensitive and against free speech, and it’s a slight of hand that we need to be very wary of. I’m not sure I’d ever have known who Milo Yiannopoulos was if he hadn’t been banned from Twitter, for example. He himself has called it the best thing that happened to his career


this is exactly what I was gonna say

guy must be trolling, though


“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”


‘fuck that noise’


reeeeally wish that idea of giving awful views a platform as if to show how stupid and awful the views are would gtfo

find it astonishing anyone would still think this holds any water


but you don’t care about the people who aren’t as privileged as yourself who can be directly harmed by that kind of speech?


Hmm, don’t remember Evelyn Beatrice Hall saying that.


Of course I do.


not enough for them to be harmed anyway as long as you can continue to hear those interesting views though, eh?


It’s not necessarily his views that are interesting more the fact that he has them in the first place.


so the answer to my question was ‘yes’ then.


you need to be explicit about what you’re talking about here cause you sound crypto af


Essentially freedom of speech.


Oh come on