Tonearm lift mechanism sticking on my Project Primary E Phono

Anyone had this?

Just unpacked it from the crate. I packed it back in its original packing as closely as I could for the journey from Australia but maybe something was a bit loose.

What happens is that when you drop the lever the bit circled in red almost drops to the bottom but not quite. You have to press it down.

This isn’t great for me as I don’t have good steady hands so until I can fix it I’m going yo start every record I own with a needle skip out of the tin-in groove.

Is WD-40 a good idea? I also have some contact fluid spray for crackly knobs (steady).

Oh yeah, all the time…


I have the same turntable I think. Is the tone arm definitely sitting correctly / fitted and “dropped in” to whatever holds it. I think I’ve had something similar before where the turntable had been knocked by something/one… and just wiggling it a bit so it sat nicely in whatever (dunno the term) holds it seemed to fix it. Assume you’ve checked the counterweight etc is all ok…


Yeah initially assumed the counterweight might have messed up but it’s still firmly locked in.

Will check if the whole arm got moved though, thanks.

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