Tonight: DiS' Sweet 16th Birthday party 🎈


Hope to see some of you tonight. Timings



Really wanted to come to this but I feel like shit and I haven’t slept. :’(


Can’t access Facebook. C+P please?


For those not on Facebook:

7pm - Doors - Ed Harcourt (DJ Set)
8pm - RHAIN (Live)
8:30 - Ed Harcourt (DJ Set)
9pm- Laura-Mary Carter (Live)
9:30pm - Natalie Bang Bang (DJ Set)
10:30pm - Eddy Temple Morris (DJ Set)
11:30-1am DiS DJs


Cheers. I’m not on Facebook and so couldn’t see the times.


Don’t suspect Ed Hardcourt will be any good as a bouncer.


Ed Hardcourt
Clay Savy Fav
The (In)door(s)


Happy birthday DiS!!


Fucking hell! The Doors ft Ed Harcourt!

Come on baby, that REALLY lights my fire :fire:


Natalie Bang Bang.
At last, the long awaited follow up to Chitty Chitty


My calendar app is telling me that I need to leave 54 hours ago to make it on time.


have fun tonight party people


Might go to Bird on Kingsland Road for some pre-party pretentious chicken, or maybe Cay Tre for Vietnamese. Any takers?


Thank you to all who came last night. Sorry I didn’t get to β€œmeat” more of you.




Thanks for organising. It was fun. β€˜Meat’ is murder.


hey @sean, so when you bringing the roadshow to glasgow?! :slight_smile:


Hope those of you for made I had a fun evening. Thanks for coming.