Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to make the evening thread


TGI Fridays!!
Let’s get the party started! Please, share your memories of this great American Diner


is this the evening thread?

just checking.


It is now.

I’m gonna eat some escalopes and then play some mellotron



Absolutely NOT!


I last went to TGI Fridays for my lil bro’s 21st bday back in June. Was pretty shit quality and me and my sister wound up funding all three of our younger siblings for the experience.

I am going to be working late. Yay…


okay sure

gonna be busy so I think yours should be the one

I’m finally getting to do my science GCSEs. doing an adult evening course thing. sat here waiting for the people running it. feels weird. don’t even want to make eye contact with anyone else.


funny thing is that my name is Matthew

it’s like you’re telling me that actually this is the evening thread


Solidarity with your whole post.

Went to TGI Fridays in January for a colleague’s leaving do (why you would choose to go there is beyond me!) and I footed the bill for 3 of the 5 people with us.

I am also working late, probably 9 o’clock I reckon. “Phase change” (the evening the offers change) tomorrow, a fair whack of work to get through. Massively CBA


I’m confused, evening threads have been slacking lately and now we get two?

Boring day at work, highlight being my new bike has knocked a whole 3 minutes off my commute.

Chicken Katsu curry for dinner, then music pub quiz later.

Never been to TGIFs, sorry.


Thread title had Jordan numbers all over it…


If I IIRC correctly, DiS actually has an ex-TGIFer in our midst…


Sat in the departure lounge with a beer


Where you departin to hun?


What’s the pre flight pint record here?

Me and an atd did 6 in Bratislava over a 2 hour period. Was hungover by the time we got to Luton.


Up to Glasgow and then down to London tomorrow evening before train back to Manc. Was lazy and decide to fly from Manc to Glasgow. With all going on on NK I think the air is the safest place to be.

Profk. Maybe 4 pints due to a delay. Was doing a lot of work in Frankfurt last year and was caning the big steins


Thank you. That’s a lovely memory of time at TGI’s!!


I wonder what he would order at TGI Fridays!?!


TGI news- think I’m just gonna get Endless Appetizers and not order a main!! Holy moly!


I got some new clothes today! Oh my exciting life!

would I do alright on OKcupid?


I’m breaking all rules and not having pasta on a Monday. Instead I’m making toad in the hole. I’ve not had this for years.