Tonight’s winning lottery numbers (plus evening thread)

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and the thunder ball results.

There are 118,436 winners tonight.

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is this the evening thread

Go for it

What’s for tea tonight? I’m having sweet chilli salmon with broccoli and something else

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Hi Japes. Just had hot dogs.

All out of them now and normal eating can resume, annoyingly have 3 hot dog buns left though

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Having a beer and chatting to people on dating sites. Not sure what to have for tea, probably beer and disappointment :rofl:

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evening all :wave:

chilli for dinner then work zoom quiz. 6th one so far, my team has finished 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, last. down one person today so not confident we’ll be back to winning ways, but hoping we won’t be last again :crossed_fingers:

then I plan on watching the PS5 event so I can find out how much I will be spending on something I absolutely do not need to buy but will buy regardless.


Every time I think it’s my last and yet


Weird. I dont remember muting nebbie :thinking:


Evening. Now I want pastry and I want hot dogs - hot dog sausage rolls? :thinking:

Actually got some kind of pesto chicken pasta thing.

Just had a handover meeting with a colleague where she basically told me the project and everyone who works on it are nasty, backstabbing, escalating horrors who report you if you ask a question because you don’t know something. Excellent!

had a work zoom and met the rest of the people i’ll be training with next week and they seem a good bunch. that’s good.

dinner nearly ready. that’s good.

10km walked. that’s good.

went to the former Colston plinth earlier and it was a moving experience. That’s good!

AQOS tomorrow. That’s really really good.



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hotdogs :sunglasses:

actually bockwursts… but close enough. I shall be having these with kimchi which i expect will be an excellent combination



Tres bien :clap:t2:

It’s an age since I had a hot dog but I find it’s a food where it’s absence does make my heart fonder

Gonna have a chz bghm fish pie for dinner (on offer obvs) but need to hoover and put the bona round first. Had a classic reading of brown bear brown bear and after the shittest nap, TinyStack has gone down to sleep real nice.

Got some more of the shoe storage fitted today and put a new letterbox on after approx 7 years of needing to get it fixed, go us. Might be in a position to finish off toy storage tomorrow night but we’ll see as first we’re visiting my mother in law for the first time in 3 months for a socially distanced chat and that at hers.

Need more toads, this kingdom ain’t gonna rainbow itself.

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i had hot dogs for lunch :+1:

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as Farage is off, lets remember this lovely moment


Oi @Severed799 you’re on the radio


Some cold roast chicken with Frank’s hot sauce and a wee salad for dinner. Trying to cut down the calories and it is rubbish let me tell you - going to ruin it all with a takeaway tomorrow probably. Maybe even a wee beer tonight. But I did walk 4 miles earlier so y’know swings and chutes.

it always makes me feel better if i can get outside, even for a little bit

hope you feel better chief

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