Tonight’s winning lottery numbers (plus evening thread)

Did any of you lot have a supercockle who would come round to the pub on a Friday night and sell seafood out of a basket? If so does anyone have an image of the excellent graphic on the back of his jacket?

Thought this Covet album had a secret track of birdsong at the end but it turns out it’s just some birds outside that I can hear.

I am very intelligent.


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No I heard you the first time

btw just in case you’ve been trying your hardest to avoid the stickied threads we do a film club on DiS where we all watch a film together and have a wee chat. you don’t have to have seen any of the other ones we’ve done and anyone can join in.

tonight we’re watching this:

starting at 8 o’clock. let me know if you fancy joining and i’ll add you to our chat thread :slightly_smiling_face:


Aye was just informed, lovely stuff!

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We had a Safeways

(Srs, seafood salesman in a white jacket would wander round pubs selling crab sticks and stuff, seems to have been happening in a few places as I just thought it was Chelmsford being Chelmsford)

not one to toot my own horn, but there’s no way any of the masterchefs have ever made anything as good as that




Alright? Got the Sundays haven’t I. Pork steaks, potato letters, onion rings and beans for tea. Probably gonna read a lot more and have a cider or two.

Couple of imodium will sort you out

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Just started an evening thing as didn’t realise this was it. Can someone @moderators move my post in here??

Very tired.

I’ve edited the title cause I nearly did this too.

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Honestly wondered how so many people could be chatting about the lottery…


my grandad used to sell hooky fags from a pocket in his jacket, but no cockles i’m afraid.

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Might play a bit o FFVII

  • i would buy seafood from a bloke wandering around pubs
  • probably not mate. probably not

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the crustacean must be prepared on site.