Tonight would you rather

  • go for a Bella Italia and then watch Night School with Johnny Vaughan
  • Garfunkel’s and Johnny English Strikes Again with Richard Bacon

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Rather cut out my tongue then rip out my eyes


With Bacon or Vaughan?


o’shea’s, 12 pints, and a barney with @safebruv


Sorry I thought they were the stars of the films?

Actually I quite like Vaughan gonna swap to him

What is night school though?

Now you’re talking!

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A film that one of my colleagues went to see n Monday. He went to see the new Mark Walhberg at the weekend.

  • Front row seats to a sing a long showing of mamma Mia with Leslie Garrett
  • Vip box at twickers for the rugger with Prince Harry, unlimited booze

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ahh, unlimited booze. missed that part

Would we be dressed as SS officers?


he said prince harry, not steve hollywood

wait, is it paul hollywood?

yes its paul.


I should look at the garfunkel’s menu first really…

Doesn’t look like theres much vegan food to be had but I’ll be happy with salad and chips

I dunno who Leslie Garret is but I love mamma mia

I have no interest in golf but watching Don’t Look Now at the age of ten means that my feet will never set foot in Venice.

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To be clear : the bad parts of the choices is Leslie garrett and rugby. the good bits are mamma Mia and Prince Harry


I like gingers too

tonight matthew, I’m going to be…

Summer: Golf - weather is nice, Venice smells and you can’t move for people

Winter: Too cold and rainy for golf, Venice is freezing but still lovely and theres less tourists